Hire Agreement

Exeter Sling Library – Sling Hire/Disclaimer Form


I agree to:

  • Pay a hire charge of £10 per two weeks or £18 per 4 weeks per sling/carrier.
    (Inserts/accessories charged at half normal hire price).
    (Stretchy wraps special offer £25 for 3 months)
  • I will return the sling to the library on the agreed date or renew in advance.
  • If I wish to renew the sling I must notify the library and pay the additional hire charges at the above rate.
  • Carriers kept beyond the agreed return/renewal date without communication are charged at a flat rate of £6 per week until the sling is returned.

I understand that:

  • I will not be charged for general wear and tear.
  • If there is any damage to or loss of the carrier/sling which makes it unusable, then the full replacement RRP will be charged by the library to replace said carrier/sling, IN ADDITION to any fees paid and/or incurred.
  • I am not expected to wash the carrier under normal circumstances, but I will inform the library if it needs washing on return and/or I will contact her for advice if it needs washing while on hire (because these things happen).
  • I am completely responsible for the usage of the sling/carrier. Exeter Sling Library/Gillian Travis is in no way responsible should anything go awry with the use of the carrier. Always follow manufacturer instructions (available online) and seek extra support if necessary.
  • All manuals/instructions/handouts provided are to be returned with the carrier/sling as applicable.
  • My  personal data will not be passed onto a third party for marketing purposes, and will only be used for business processes such as taking agreed payments.

I am aware of the following safe sling safety guidelines:

  • My baby needs clear airways with no fabric or anything else blocking their mouth and nose.
  • Positioning – chin must be off chest.
  • Fall hazard – my baby is safe from falling.
  • Temperature – my baby is not at risk from dehydration or overheating.
  • Alert – I must be alert and responsive when my baby in the sling.


Contact:  Gillian Travis