The Baby Room, Exeter

The Library meets at the Nappuccino group at The Baby Room in the grounds of Ladysmith Infant School every Wednesday from 10-2.  This is a lovely friendly baby group.  Check out the link to find out more about where it is and how to get in!!

We ask £1.50 on the door and there is tea, coffee and home baking.  Jen Harris from Exeter Babies is there with cloth nappy trial kits and lots of lovely green parenting essentials for sale, from reusable nappies and wipes to nappy buckets and wet bags to cloth sanitary protection.  We always have breastfeeding peer supporters on hand if you need any extra support.  However, we also pride ourselves on being an inclusive group so if you are interested in cloth nappies or slings but have never used either before please know you are very welcome to come along and find out more.  Bumps are also very welcome, as are Dads (I feel like that shouldn’t need saying, but in case you need reassurance).

We also have regular guests from businesses such as Libby Clapham Hypnobirthing, maternity bra fittings from Mama Gems, hand dyed baby goodies from Tie Dye Babies and beautiful teeters, baby safe necklaces and sling mirrors from Cherub Chews.

This is currently the only regular sling library session in Exeter, however I am looking to expand in the next few months, so there will be more sessions both in Exeter itself, and also in other local towns which do not currently have a library.  If you’d like to see me somewhere please message, if there is demand I will try to accommodate you!